drinking at the cleveland tontine

Champagne bar

One of life’s little luxuries

The mood is informal, the service attentive. With its decadent décor and laid-back elegance our Champagne Bar is the perfect place to enjoy pre-dinner drinks, a cocktail or a nightcap. Select from a range of Champagnes, available by the glass or bottle.

Open daily from 11am.


Our wine list offers you an interesting selection of delicious wines from around the world.

You may think putting a wine list together is easy and a lot of fun however it is a lot harder than it sounds. Limiting thousands upon thousands of wines down to less than 200 wines each with a valid place, a different taste, a different texture, a different appeal to the customer is a difficult job however I must admit it has been an enjoyable one…

Our list is packed full of old and new Tontine favourites as well as some New World pretenders to the throne. The list oozes style, inspiration, sophistication and yet is quirky and totally in keeping with the Cleveland Tontine.

Whether you want a room for the evening, a bite to eat, or to share The Cleveland Tontine experience with someone special, we have got something for you.

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